Work With TJ

"... he may be a bit of a knob but he knows his stuff when it comes to training and nutrition"


The guys down at your local gym are clueless, they either follow the same boring routine that's been getting them nowhere forever, or they hop from program to program also getting nowhere. Rarely do you see someone training with intensity and if you do, they use the intensity on pointless crap, with poor form and ego lifting.

You don't want to be like these people.

At this point you probably realise that there is no magic trick, hack or pill. In training all results will come from hard work. The better directed that hard work is, the more likely you are to get some amazing results.

Training Guides

Maybe you don’t want a coach. Maybe you’re motivated enough that you don’t need the accountability of a me watching over every step, but you do want to get your head down and focus in the gym.

These Training Guides were designed to give you exactly that.

This isn't just a "Program" where you're given a bunch of exercises that you don't even know how to do, let alone why you're doing them. Each guide features sections detailing the fundamentals of your nutrition, training (field and gym) and recovery, as well as customisable training spreadsheets all geared towards a specific goal that is going to make you better.

The guides are detailed in the button below so check them out.

Online Coaching

Ok, so you get it. You know you need to train hard, you know you need to focus on your nutrition and recovery.

But you're serious, you're more serious than you've ever been about training. It's time you took it to the next level. You want every single detail of your training, nutrition and recovery to be tailored to you as an individual.

You also want the full support from an expert coach who can help you organise all of this around your schedule, and who can be there to figure things out when a spanner gets thrown into the works

Different Ways Of Reaching Your Training and Performance Goals

Are you a bit of a visual person? Well check out this little hand graphic demonstrating the different ways that you can finally get the body you wanted and perform like never before.


This is the newest and fastest growing service provided by TJ Strength. If you're pretty comfortable with what you're doing but know there are some things that are holding you back, this is for you.

Rather than have full-time contact with you over your training and diet, I will give you a one-time consultation where we go over your issues and story and figure out a precise plan in order to get to where you want to be.

This also works great for coaches of teams, if you're unsure what exactly to do with your athletes/players then a consultation will set you up with a plan to use and a way to constantly progress through the 4 stages of preparation.

For this service simply go over to the coaching page, fill out the same information and we'll go from there.

Rugbydump Academy

TJ Strength and Rugbydump combined forces along with a number of other coaches to create Rugbydump Academy.

An online team for those that want to take their rugby a bit more seriously. Follow along with the team's training each month and get access to exclusive video content to take it to the next level.[NOTE: Please Get In Touch before joining as we are currently revamping the Academy to make it the best service possible]


Are you pretty sure all your training is taken care of, but just want to make sure that you take advantage with quality nutrition? If you have an idea of what you should be eating but just want that extra accountability or guidance with you diet then we can work something out.

Get In Touch HERE and we'll work something out.