The “Secret” To Dedication

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So, blogging hey?


Yes. Blogging.


I’ve been stewing with the idea of really getting this blog up and running again. Half the time I think to myself “I am a pretty good writer, and it’s valuable” and then the other half thinks “it takes too much time, and nobody else reads it, or cares”.


Both halves are probably true in this case, and to be honest, that’s exactly why I’m writing.


If you’re looking for a fancy-pants, picture-explaining-every-point style blog then you’ll be let down here.

At the height of my Fitness Writing, I actually spent triple the time looking for, and editing pictures to go with my blog than I did actually writing the bloody thing!

I do, however, try to relay my points in ways that you can all understand, and try to make my writing palatable – by doing things like:

  • – Putting in bullet points to list things off rather than make annoyingly-long, hard-to-focus-on paragraphs
  • – Write I’m talking to you – Yes, *YOU* – This is me breaking the fourth wall
  • – Get distracted on occasion so it’s not just “fitness tip 1 – eat brocolli because it is good for you”
  • – On occasion, writing things that might offend you. For example – you’re not totally happy with your body, that’s why you’re here! Luckily I’m here to help.


OK *fitness*


Let’s get onto how this relates to fitness, that 2nd part about nobody else caring – it totally applies to you and your fitness goals.

Because *newsflash* drum roll please….


nobody cares what you do with your training and your body.


Not your friends, nor your loved ones, nor your dog, nor your Instagram followers…. especially your Instagram followers.

They see you one day and your in shape – cool.

They see you another day and you’ve got a little fluffy, but a lot stronger – cool.

They see you again, and you’re completely out of shape and decided to take up guitar – cool.


Results, training, diet… none of it defines who you are. It is simply a part of you, people care about you as a whole, not the parts.

However, there is one person that does care.


If you spotted the key word in what I wrote above – nobody “ELSE” cares, you probably saw that coming.




To me training is an art, and any art will always become greater through dedication.

It’s not revolutionary for me to say that you have to be dedicated. Everybody knows that, I mean, you do right?! Nobody expects to half-ass a program and get anywhere. Nobody. Yet, for some reason that keeps happening time and time again. Fitness is making more and more money with books, programs, coaching, gyms, diets, random equipment, supplements… all of this has really gotten us nowhere.




Because another way to look at dedication is this – what do YOU really want to do?


To me, dedication is just a fancy way of prioritizing something your really want to do. It’s a choice you make to stick with one thing that you want over the other million things that are flying around to distract you and pull you away.

Viewing it like that makes it seem a little easier, but the key is to stick with it.

And in order to do that, you need to find your WHY.




Why do you need to find a why?


Because, if you are dedicated, you’ll find yourself asking yourself a lot.


“Why am I getting up at 5am to go to the gym?”

“Why don’t I just get a pizza tonight?”

“Why am I spending all this time putting myself through this hardship?”


If the answer to those questions isn’t strong enough say goodbye to your dedication. Say goodbye to your results.


If you’re reading this and you’re happy with your body and what it can do, crack on!

You probably have a “why” anyway.

If you don’t, then you MUST ask yourself.


What is my goal?

Why is that important to me?

Will this goal keep me dedicated when the going gets tough?


ONLY once you get through these three questions should you even bother to starting. I’m deadly serious, and I can prove it to you how that’s true.


Go to a commercial gym. How many people there actually look and perform differently to how they did a year ago? Probably less 1 in 10 right? Around that figure (comment below and let me know) is what I would guess.


That means that over 90% of people that actively go to the gym are wasting their time.

Note: this is excluding the few people that there are, and they are there, who are solely focused on maintenance and using exercise as an end itself rather than you, who I would assume sees training as a means to an end with a bigger picture in mind… otherwise what are you doing on this site?


Because if you’re dedicating 3-6 days a week to working out, you should be looking amazing, or at least close. If you don’t, simply put you don’t care enough.

To stop this article from turning into a pointless “how bad do you want it” spiel where I make you feel completely inferior to the #fitspiration crowd on instagram, I’m going to give you two options. Both are perfectly fine and entirely your choice. Remember, nobody cares.


  1. Find a reason WHY you want to get exceptional results, be true to yourself if you really want to face the challenge
  2. Accept mediocrity and find happiness elsewhere.


That’s basically what it boils down to.

Everything in life is a choice, you either want to go to the gym or you want to watch TV, you either want to order a salad or fried chicken.

Your WHY is what makes the choice easier, the stronger the why, the easier the choice becomes.

Again, there are no wrong choices, you are in control of everything, nobody else, you. And it is you that has 100% control over the choices you make and why you live the life that you do.

It’s not up to anybody else to judge whether your choices are right or wrong,


Before we get too deep, let’s run through a quick example using myself and my recent switch to bodybuilding-style training.

My Example – The LEAN Project

Now that I’ve retired from rugby, I know that I need to train for my mental health, physical health, longevity and career (nobody wants a fat coach).

None of those things were enough for me to stay dedicated, I don’t think about 75 year old TJ when I’m in the gym, nor do I think about how much mental clarity I’ll have in a days time thanks to this workout.

So I needed a new challenge – enter the LEAN Project. My goal was initially to get as lean as I could, purely because of the challenge, and I really have started to enjoy that challenge. That challenge is enough for me, it’s entirely internal. I have no desire to put tightie whities on and parade on stage with an oompa loompa tan. I just enjoy the challenge of looking the best, 100% for myself (I think the wife even prefers me with a little bit more weight on), it wasn’t my first option – I tried powerlifting, olympic weightlifting and strongman and they were all fun for a month, but they weren’t going to keep me dedicated.


This hopefully shows you that when it comes to your WHY, it takes time, it takes thought/emotion and it is COMPLETELY internal.


Don’t be one of those people complaining, either figure it out and get started or relax, because nobody cares.


Do Something

At the end of these blogs I want to have you actually take away something you can use right now.

“Right now” meaning **RIGHT NOW**… you ready?! cool.

Take a piece of paper and write down the following questions

  1. What is a goal that I want to achieve with my body?
  2. [think physique, performance, function etc then answer that question]

Why is that important to me? 

  1. [then answer that question]
  2. How will this goal keep me dedicated when the going gets tough?
  3. [then answer that question]


Ok great.

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