Success Stories

What you don't see in "before" and "after" photos is how someone truly feel after a transformation. Everyone has their own starting point - their goals, struggles, strengths and weaknesses, they all end up with an interesting journey - a "Success Story"! See a sample of those below.



Looking back at the video, I had made really good progress, and had a blast getting there! Now I have a new challenge ahead, getting through this pregnancy as healthily as possible. Maintaining the level of fitness I have gained to the best of my ability so I can continue after.

 My only regret is not doing something like this earlier. So, as I can't go back, I'll keep coming and moving forward. The programme keeps me motivated, always want to turn up so as not to let anyone down - it's much harder to back out than if you train alone.  Unlike in other small groups, we still all get personal attention to ensure things are tailored for the individual.

I feel better after every session, it's so empowering to see what your body is capable of. Getting off your arse, getting sweaty, doing something and getting a buzz for life.

I really enjoy the flexible dieting. It isn't a 'diet', nothing is restricted or off the cards. I feel totally in control of everything I eat - it definitely makes a difference to progress.

I'd tell everyone that only good things can happen as a result of joining - regardless of where you will start, you will only get better.


Janice C

I started with a little trepidation (which was unfounded) the Wonder Women program in the summer last year, having previously been personal training with TJ earlier in that year. And have never looked back! With the intent to lose weight & gain fitness while in Bahrain. I have tried numerous other exercise classes and faddy diets over the years. But since joining wonder women I have been losing weight & inches and finding my waist throughout the year and it is staying off!! Also becoming stronger and more confident and happier as the weeks go on, which is an amazing feeling.

TJ is very patient & knowledgable about what he does. I am sure he must be demented by us sometimes but it never shows... The classes are fun and can be tough at the same time. But with the encouragement from the trainer and the support of the girls in your group with a laugh you get the work done and leave the session on a high. The class has a personalised touch keeping things specific, I've never seen this else where. I have found a real Love for lifting weights, which I would have never have done if it wasn't for the Wonder Women Program. I actually look forward to each session!! I truly can't speak highly enough about the Wonder Women program. If you are thinking about joining any class all I'd say is do it! It will be life enhancing!



Having been out of the gym for a while I wasn't happy with how I was feeling and wanted to return but seemed to lack the motivation.

When I heard about Wonder Woman, I thought it was a great way to kick start myself to get back into it. I had thought I would try it for three months as it was something new and sounded interesting. The transformation in those first few months was fantastic ( both in the way my body was changing and the way I was feeling) and there was no way I was going to lose my momentum so here I am, almost a year and a half later, watching and feeling myself get stronger and doing things I had never thought I could do.

The camaraderie of the group, and the fantastic trainer we have, makes it FUN-- even when we're cursing that fantastic trainer of ours! It's empowering!

Anyone considering trying it should do so. You'll never look back!



When I first heard of the Wonder Women program, I was immediately interested, but wary of the hype that goes with any fitness regime these days. TJ’s approach was different from anything I had encountered in the past, as nobody I had met or worked out with had ever encouraged heavy lifting for women.

While I continued to struggle with my diet, I very quickly felt different, as TJ’s focus was always very much on non-scale victories and functional fitness. With TJ's guidance and my own control, I started to get my diet/eating habits sorted out and gradually dropped over 12kg!

Then life got in the way, as it has a habit of doing, I got a new job and convinced myself that I couldn’t manage to keep up with the training sessions, and with work and stress, the weight crept back on.

It took some time but the weight started to come back on, so decided I needed to make time for my health. I re-started with TJ doing personalised strength training, and have been consistently training since then with workouts tailored to work around, and fix, my injured knee, and the root cause of it – tight hips and weak glutes. The weight-loss is coming but once again TJ has helped me recognise and celebrate a whole host of other non-scale victories. After months of technique and form adjustments, and gradual improvements in my strength, I am now capable of reasonably heavy full-depth back squats and front squats, and deadlifts, and have recently started Olympic weightlifting, as well as introducing my older daughter to the wonders of weights.

I started Wonder Women because I wanted to look good, but now I lift because I love the feeling of being strong! I hated what I looked like, but now (thanks in large part to TJ) I love my body, and not just for how it looks, but for what it can do!


Adriana (right)

I am not going to lie, the first session seemed a bit soft to me... I used to sweat and leave me the gym drenched in sweat... but as I didn't want to return to the gym alone again, I repeated, and thank goodness I did! 😀

In a few short months I managed to strengthen my back and neck which had always given me some pain, lose localised fat, tone up my arms, legs and abdomen, and significantly improve my butt!

I now keep coming back because I actually now enjoy training weights... the good atmosphere of the classes... the professionalism of the trainer...and the results achieved.

I enjoy every part of the program, even the horrible exercises that I don't like because I know they will benefit me. For the first time in my life I know how to eat, I know what my body needs, and I've realisedthe bad habits I had before.

I really enjoy that the program is very complete, not only "exercise and go home", you have the support of the trainer with the diet, and you take part of a group of people that motivates each other and who enjoys doing exercise