Success Stories

I'll look to be adding to this weekly, but for now enjoy a few of these athletes that have benefitted from some expert training and nutrition


Yossi and Daragh



I thought I knew how to train myself, but it turns out I had no idea! I was pushed with some very tough yet simple workouts, whilst the whole time having my form assessed and corrected.

I discovered how important diet was, we didn't use any gimmicks but made easy alterations to my food in take which combined with the training helped me get fantastic results.  I gained 7kg of muscle working with TJ.

This alone is proof that this stuff does work, I feel way more confident because of the improvements I have made in the gym. This was the best decision I ever made! No matter what your goal is, these guys will be there to help you achieve it not matter what it takes.



I have struggled with weight all of my life, never really letting it affect me until one day I just decided that I couldn’t accept it any more and had to make a change....

Initially I thought the whole thing was expensive and was rather skeptical about it and what difference it would really make, but I trusted TJ and went ahead with the programme.

I can honestly say this was one of the best things that I have done, I never thought that I would really enjoy exercising again, but I do. Coupling this with a diet that was easy for me to stick to with lots of options helped the weight come off quicker than I’d ever imagine. I went from 113kg to 88kg and felt so much better, getting great compliments from friends and family was just the icing on the cake!

TJ was constantly on hand to guide me if I had any questions and the weekly updates and check-ins helped keep me on track and stopped me from getting bored.

I was also worried about a rebound at the end of the challenge, but because we never used any drastic methods to achieve my results, I've managed to stay in shape whilst going about my normal life!



I started off as a chubby, slow, but decent enough rugby player before I discovered TJ. I was really keen to make some progress in the gym and had tried every training regime, diet and supplement I could find on the internet and magazines, but to be honest I wasn't seeing as much results as I would've liked!

I really enjoyed the free content TJ was giving out so I decided to get in touch and step things up! He hooked me up with an amazing gym programme that I really enjoyed and really helped me progress on the pitch and in the gym. The constant support, guidance and expert advice he gave me on diet, supplements and recovery was a huge bonus and I believe that helped me push just that little bit further knowing I was in good hands.

I now find myself looking, feeling and performing better than ever and because of this I have been called up to play in a rugby academy!