A Public Service Announcement – The Truth on Fitness “Secrets”

Today’s lesson: There are no secrets.




The reason that you haven’t achieved your physical goals is because you fall short in any of these 3 areas:

  1. Hard Work
  2. Consistency
  3. Genetics


I wanted to leave the last bit out, because you can’t control it, but it does need to be said. You’re never going to be lean, jacked at 110kg if you don’t have the genetics for it.


Now, this isn’t brought up by fitpros much because they think it’s a bit of a bummer. They want to sell you on the illusion that if you buy their shit, you’re going to look like Arnold.

Now does that mean that you’re beyond hope, fuck no.

Everyone can achieve their own greatness! And YOU can do that by bossing what you can control – the first two points.


Let’s first talk about hard work.

If you’re on this site, I’m going to assume you can work hard.

I’m going to assume that you’re pushing yourself to get to the next level.

I’m going to assume that you don’t just quit when the going gets tough.


So now consistency, I believe this is where people fall short. Hard work is close to pointless if you don’t stay consistent. If you’re a bit chubby, there’s not much use in working really hard for 1 training session, or a week, or even a month, if you’re just going to quit right after and go back to the way you were before.


In 2017, we have less patience than ever before, we want everything NOW.

You should’ve seen how angry this kid got in an email because I didn’t respond to him that same day (I was sleeping).

You see, not only do we want everything to happen immediately – we expect it.

We’ve been spoilt by the technology and convenient life we now live.

Unfortunately pal, this immediate result doesn’t crossover to the gym very well.

Shedding fat takes time, building strength, muscle and power takes longer.

Is it impossible? Fuck no. But it takes time.

Too many people give up before their body has the chance to change.


You can do it, but you must have patience. You MUST have consistency.

Speaking of which, giving up doesn’t mean stopping altogether. It could mean abandoning your current program and doing something different.


Not only are we really impatient, but our attention spans are so fucking short!

Take it from a guy who’s Wikipedia page feels the need to highlight his ADD – I get it! Staying the course is tough, but we need to do it.

We can’t have short attention spans with our training.


We can’t just do every funky-looking exercise or workout that someone posted on Instagram.

We can’t change to a new program every week and expect to actually make consistent progress.

We won’t have fun every single time we train, sometimes it’s a really tough chore, but we gotta get it done.


So back to the secrets, or lack thereof.

There are thousands upon thousands of little tips and tricks that can help your training, sure.

But are they going to revolutionary? No.

Are they going to boost your progress in double quick time? Probably not.

The difference that these tips really make though is going to be minimal, especially if you’re not working hard and consistently.


And you know the other thing with these tips?

They aren’t funky.

They are simple.

Perhaps even boring.


Want to grow faster? Eat more

Want to shed more fat? Add some low intensity cardio or eat less

Want better recovery? Sleep more.

Want to get a stronger squat? Squat more.

Want to consistently get better? Stick with a program for at least 8 weeks, diligently keeping a log-book to track your weekly progress, or hire a coach.


None of this is revolutionary.

None of this makes for a great Instagram post.

But it’s more important than that.
This is the shit that makes a difference. This is the shit that you need to focus on.


Stay consistent. Work hard.


Everything else comes after.

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