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Rugby Muscle BEAST

Boom! It's time to emphatically gain muscle, it's time to get rid of the pain of being a man, it's time to become a BEAST.

Be warned, this program is NOT for the faint of hard, nor is it for the person who isn't willing to put in the work necessary to make a radical change.

If you're happy to go to the gym, do the same 3x10 work that you've always done on the same machines, skipping workouts when you don't feel like it and have the same premature dad-bod forever that's fine - no need to click.

BUT if you want to transform yourself, are willing to eat and train like a savage AND get in some good recovery (mostly by sleeping a lot), then come on in... this is how Beasts do it!

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This program is created for rugby players who seriously want to gain muscle and size. It's been tested, refined, retested and refined some more. What you have access to is the final product, a 12-week program that is capable of putting heaps of quality mass that is not just all show and no go. Now, I don't want to say numbers because everyone is individual buuut there was one lad who put on 7kg in 4 weeks!!!

If you're looking something that isn't too hard because you want to just "kinda tone up" this is not the program for you!! Run to a local Bodypump class or something, this program is called Beast for a reason. Get ready to no longer be "a guy", get ready for people to point you out to their friend, get ready to become a beast.

Again, this program will not be easy. It is has stages of both high intensity and high volume. There will be days where you'll be sore, there will also be days where it all comes together and you lift some serious tonnage.

You'll be lifting at least 3 days a week, with optional 4th (and eventually 5th) days if you can tolerate it. All you need is access to a gym (or even a garage with some weights) a good deal of food, a comfy bed and a smartphone/tablet.

Nothing easy was ever worth doing.

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