About TJ

Firstly, thanks for visiting this site!!

I want to take this page to explain who I am and what I do.

It may be a bit different to what you were expecting - if you really want a boring resumé I guess you can contact me and I'll send it to you...

My Story

People are always amused to hear that I was a chubby kid but it's true - I was a real porker! It shouldn't really surprise those that know me and my love of food. Eating is one of my top 5 things to do! At school I was called all the names, not in a bullying way, but I was made aware that I had more insulation than most.

I didn't really think about losing weight and getting into real good shape until I was given a programme by my coach at my local rugby academy who basically said I had the talent but if I wanted to play at a high level I had to work hard in the gym!

At first I never really knew what I was doing, I figured I'd put some time into research and try to figure all of this out. I started reading everything I could about training, all the fitness magazines and all the websites, basically anything I could get my eyes on. I tried every quirky routine and diet on myself, I have vivid memories of doing this:


  • My Lecturer at university stating that most protein supplements would produce "expensive urine" for those who already had enough protein. "He doesn't have a clue" I thought
  • A fellow player asking me what "this month's new outlandish training regime" was... I thought he was a muppet for mocking me for staying ahead of the research!
  • I scoffed when I laid my eyes on the ACSM's guidelines for dietary needs when undertaking my Health Fitness Specialist course... "Carbs are evil! Where's all the protein"

All this ignorance at what the science was telling me the whole time was a huge mistake and is something I vow never to do again.

Although I now know that I could've been better this whole time I do not think that I would change my experience. Not only can I now help someone who has tried everything and still not seen results, I believe that I can truly relate to them - I've been there, literally.

Paleo, 5/3/1, circuit training, strongman training, atkins, intermittent fasting, HIIT, calisthenics, plyometrics, no days off, minimalist training, zone diet, gluten free, dairy free, detox, rest-pause, IIFYM, tempo training and every single supplement under the sun is me naming a few of the things I have dabbled in since I started my fitness journey. And today I have a system that is simpler than ever before.

My Mission

To be honest I have a bit of a bone to pick  - there are more Personal Trainers than ever before yet there's no decline in obesity rates!

There are more gyms than ever before but this seems to just result in more people getting frustrated at not getting the results they want.

There's even more information out there - on the internet, in books and in people - than there's ever been yet people still seem to have no idea how to train and eat properly and get actual results. You know, like actual results that last longer than the 1 week.

We just keep getting told the same rubbish over and over again and it needs to stop.

I am hugely passionate about bringing some integrity back to the fitness industry and if I can make a small difference with this site I'll be a happy man.

The idea is that I can help you, either through coaching, the Training Guides, or even the information that I put out for free, to create a lifestyle that includes training and eating to suit  YOUR NEEDS, not mine, not any guru's, nobody else's, YOURS.

This is why most people that I work with are rugby players - I can really understand their needs and how to meet them. But then again, if you've read my whole spiel on this page you'd know I can relate to most.

Other Stuff

I forgot that I'm supposed to put a bit more about my hobbies and stuff so I guess I'll do that here. A relevant starting point is to point out that I was diagnosed with ADD when I was younger so I have spent a lot of time learning how to actually focus on things.

I have played rugby pretty much as long as I remember and I'm fortunate enough to get paid to do it, I've also got to travel Europe whilst represent the Poland national team and play for various invitational 7s teams around the world.
I have also taken time away from rugby to enter the world of strength sports, competing in olympic weightlifting (Snatch and Clean and Jerk) an experience which I've learnt a lot as a complete newbie in the sport.

Away from sports, I am a huge coffee snob and am considered quite the film critic by the 4 people who'll tolerate listening to me rambling on about movies. I also really enjoy eating good food - I'm almost unmatched with my appetite. And you know what reader (yes, you), I enjoy this - sharing my knowledge, thoughts, experiences and creativity with everyone is something that truly makes me fulfilled and for that I will be forever grateful.